Mike McCormick
VP Operations
BLT Chembulk Group
Chembulk Operations and Chartering started using the Milbros system in 2011 and we find it a very valuable tool. Operations are using the booking list module to prepare cargo programs and stowages for each voyage. The booking list allows the operators to quickly send the cargo information for the voyage to the Master and agents. The Milbros commodity and chemical database is very extensive and allows both commercial and operation staff access to cargo information. Milbros will also quickly add any new grades after providing an MSDS for the grade."
Eric Ringe
Operations Manager
Chemship B.V.
Chemship operations and chartering has been using MCIS since 2007. We find it to be an important tool in our daily operations. It provides staff with the information needed to determine stowage requirements and provides useful safety and handling information. The cargo list is quite extensive, including all cargoes in the IBC Code, MEPC.2/Circular and new Tripartite Agreements. Milbros keeps subscribers updated with latest cargo information from the IMO and enters new cargo details quite quickly. The new internet version is planned to have even more useful information and tools and look forward to that release."
Knut Dybvik
General Manager-Operations
Tokyo Marine Europe Ltd
We have been using Milbros/MCIS in our London office since 2009. We find MCIS to be a valuable tool for evaluating the carriage requirements for the many chemical cargoes being quoted in the market. Operators can quickly find all the information needed to determine the proper stowage on board. Milbros is very responsive to cargo questions and they update the data base with new cargoes shortly after the cargoes have been evaluated by the IMO. We eagerly look forward to their launch of the new and improved internet version of Milbros."
Sergey Starosvit
Mega Chemicals Schiffahrt AG
I would like to say that MCIS is a good tool in daily operation on board of chemical tankers and for managers at office. I have been working with MCIS since as a Chief Officer/Master and now as a Superintendent. MCIS support team provides excellent assistance and always ready to assist. They work really quickly and professionally. The database of chemical cargoes is good and being kept update in accordance with the latest requirements. I really enjoy working with MCIS."
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