A web-based solution used by 85% of the leading parcel tanker owners/operators. Milbros is specifically designed to save time, limit incidents and maximize profitability by reducing cleaning time, saving bunkers and, above all, ensuring the correct handling of the cargo and the safety of the crew.

The system includes:
13,951 commodities
From/To Tank Cleaning Recommendations
Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
Regulatory Data (IBC Code Product Names)
GESAMP Profiles
Prior Cargo Lists (FOSFA, NIOP, EU, CIQ and Kosher)
Specifications and Cargo Handling
Coating Resistancy (Stainless, Zinc, Epoxy)
USCG Compatibility Groups & Exceptions
Heating Requirements
Inerting/N2 Requirements
Safety/Emergency Information
PPE Recommendations
Chemicals’ Physical Properties
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