Top 10 Reasons

Top 10

"The database of chemical cargoes is good and being kept update in accordance with the latest requirements. I really enjoy working with MCIS." 1
10 Outstanding customer service and support.
9 is built on over 100 years of combined chemical tanker industry expertise.
8 Instant access to information on over 8,000 Annex I & Annex II cargos.
7 Access to 1,000’s of MSDS documents.
6 Tank cleaning instructions for cleaning from any cargo.
5 Product Datasheets and MSDS files for all IMO evaluated cleaning chemicals.
4 Having instant access to the correct information will save you time, money and improve safety.
3 Keep your ship and shore personnel updated on the latest available information. "We find it to be an important tool in our daily operations." 1
2 Your experience in handling cargos is stored in the system which means you can reuse it later on.
1 Ensure your vessels are operating at peak efficiency. - Testimonials  Learn More