Abbreviations & Definitions
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Kilo or Knot 
Ship Stability: Symbol for keel 
K OW  Octanol-water partition coefficient. The ratio of a chemical's solubility in n-octanol and water at steady state; also expressed as P. The logarithm of P or K OW (i.e., log P or K OW) is used as an indication of a chemical's propensity of bioconcentration by aquatic organisms. 
K.D.  Knocked down 
K.D.F.  Knocked down flat 
Kamsramax  A Kamsarmax type bulk carrier is basically a 82,000 dwt Panamax with an increased LOA = 229 m (for Port Kamsar in Equatorial Guinea). 
Karl Fischer  The measurement of small amounts of water in oils and fats is most suitably done by the Karl Fischer procedure in which the water is reacted with a special reagent. Unlike methods using oven drying, the Karl Fischer method is specific for water. It is particularly suitable for water contents below 0.2% in oil. 
KB  Ship Stability: Linear, distance from the keel to the center of buoyancy. 
Keel  Longitudinal girder at lowest point of a ship, from which the framework is built up. The keel provides ship with stability and structural integrity. 
Kelp Dredger  A vessel equipped for harvesting kelp seaweed 
KERO  Kerosene 
Kerosene  A petroleum product which boils between naphtha gasoil. This cut's distillation range can vary to accommodate other products. Many refiners want to take naphtha as high as 350 or 375 F. In those cases, the kerosene cut has a rather high initial boiling point. Many crudes permit a good quality kerosene to start as light as 320 –330 F. For some crudes, kero's final boiling point might come as low as 450 F while for others it may exceed 500 F. Aviation turbine fuel, jet gives kerosene a large outlet. Household heating and illuminating markets also consume kerosene. 
Ketone  An important starting material and intermediate in organic synthesis. Many ketones of industrial significance are used as solvents, perfumes, and flavoring agents or as intermediates in the manufacture of plastics, dyes, and pharmaceuticals. 
KG  Ship Stability: Height of center of gravity of the vessel above keel or baseline 
KG  Kilogram 
KI  Klasifikasi Indonesia 
Kilogram  1,000 grams or 2.2046 pounds. 
Kinematic viscosity  A measure of liquid's rate of flow under gravity. The standard test of this property determines the time a sample of material requires to drain through a laboratory vessel. 
King Pin  A coupling pin centered on the front underside of a chassis; couples to the tractor. 
KMC  cargo refrigerating system 
KN  Knot(s) 
KN or KTS or KNOTS  Nautical miles per hour 
Knocked Down (KD)  Articles which are taken apart to reduce the cubic footage displaced or to make a better shipping unit and are to be re–assembled 
Knocking  Preignition. If the gasolineair vapor in a motor's cylinders is too compressed, the heat produced will cause it to ignite without the aid of a spark. This uncontrolled combustion probably will not occur at the ideal moment to transfer energy and promote rotation of the crankshaft. In audible cases, the exploding fuel charge expands against a rising piston creating vibrations and an accompanying rattle. 
Knot  One nautical mile (6,076 feet or 1852 meters) per hour. In the days of sail, speed was measured by tossing overboard a log which was secured by a line. Knots were tied into the line at intervals of ap- proximately six feet. The number of knots measured was then compared against time required to travel the distance of 1000 knots in the line. 
Known Loss  A loss discovered before or at the time of delivery of a shipment. 
Kommandittselskap (K/S)  Limited partnership. A form of shipfinancing  
KOS  Kilos 
KPH  Kilometres per hour 
KPIA  Korean Petrochemical Industry Association . 
KR  Korea or Korean Register 
KRS  Koreans 
KT  Knott(s) 
KT  Kilo ton 
KTM  Keel To Mast 
Kyoto Protocol  International agreement, adopted under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), which aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions