Abbreviations & Definitions
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j. & w.o.  Jettison and washing overboard 
Jacket  A wood or fiber cover placed around such containers as cans and bottles. 
Jacket Launching Pontoon  A pontoon designed for positioning and launching jackets for offshore use 
Jacket Launching Pontoon, semi submersible  A semi submersible pontoon designed for positioning and launching jackets for offshore use 
Jacob’s Ladder  A rope ladder suspended from the side of a vessel and used for boarding. 
JBL  Jubail 
JCC  Joint Cargo Committee 
JCRA  Joint Common Risks Agreement 
Jet  A nickname for kerosene-range aviation turbine fuel. A somewhat longer expression, jet kero, also enjoys wide popularity as a substitute for the formal designation. 
JET  Jet fuel 
Jet A-1  ASTM's designation for the most common grade of aviation turbine fuel. 
JET KERO  A shortened version of “jet kerosene.” See aviation turbine fuel. 
Jett  Jettison 
Jetties  Structural features that provide obstructions to littoral drift, control entrance currents, prevent or reduce shoaling in the entrance channel, maintain channel alignment, and provide protection from waves for navigation (EM 1110-2-1613). 
Jettison  Act of throwing cargo or equipment (jetsam) overboard when a ship is in danger. 
JIT  Just In Time: In this method of inventory control, warehousing is minimal or non–existent; the container is the movable warehouse and must arrive “just in time;” not too early nor too late. 
Joint Rate  A rate applicable from a point on one transportation line to a point on another line, made by agreement and published in a single tariff by all transportation lines over which the rate applies. 
Joint Service  Two or more shipping companies jointly operating a service 
Joint Survey  An Inspection carried out by a surveyor on behalf of two parties with the cost generally being borne by both. Generally, cargo surveys often fall under this category, but surveys are carried out for a myriad of reasons, including but not limited to on and off-hire, vettings and damage surveys. 
Joint Venture  A Joint Venture is a contractual arrangement whereby two or more parties control jointly an economic activity. The economic activity is carried through a separate enterprise (company or partnership, it is handled as a jointly controlled enterprise. Joint  
JP-4  Jet B. A common grade of military jet fuel. The industry habitually calls this product naphtha-type jet because it has a lower boiling range than civil jet kero. 
JP-5  A heart cut of jet A-1 favored aboard aircraft carriers for its high flash point. 
JPCA  Japan Petrochemical Industry Association 
JPN  Japan 
JR  Yugoslav Register 
JSA  Japanese Shipowners' Association 
JSIA  Japanese Styrene Industry Association . 
JST  Japan Standard Time (GMT+9) 
Junk  Old rope no longer able to take a load, it was cut into shorter lengths and used to make mops and mats. 
Jury Rig  A temporary repair to keep a disabled ship sailing until it could make port, such as a jury sail erected when the mast was lost or a jury rudder as an emergency means of steering when the ship’s rudder was damaged. 
JV  Joint venture